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WIKN: Kelsey Stiegman

career: fashion editorage: 25hometown: Thawville, IL career: I’m the Senior Style Editor for I’m in charge of the fashion...
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Making of an Officer

Wondering exactly what it takes to become an Army Officer? CPT Nick Kolodziey, Assistant Professor of Military Science at Jacksonville...
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Is JROTC For Me?

Interested in getting a taste of the military life while you’re still in high school? Joining JROTC (Junior Army Reserve...

Joining Army ROTC

CADET SPOTLIGHT: Chase Ingram EDUCATION: Indian River Central High School (Philadelphia, NY) Class of 2015 Troy University (2016-Present) MAJOR: Criminal justice with...

Military Myths

While there’s a wealth of information out there about joining the military, there’s also a wealth of MISinformation. Cpl. Krista...
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