Even though it may not feel like it right now, there is life after high school, and going straight off...
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Careers in Nursing

Davey Long knew from the start he wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. He explained, “It may sound cheesy,...
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What I Know Now: Ellen Davis

name: Ellen Davis age: 29 hometown: Montgomery, AL career: I’m the owner of Precision Medical Media, a company that creates medical visuals to explain...

Careers in Business

Did you know that in 2015, the majority of college degrees awarded were in business fields? In the first part...
Samuel Gibson
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What I Know Now: Samuel Gibson

age: 24  hometown: Grand Bay, Alabama  education: I attended Tuskegee University and majored in Animal Science/Business. I chose the School of Agriculture (CAENS)...
Ryan Shubird
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What I Know Now: Ryan Shubird

age: 25  hometown: Montgomery, Alabama  career: Accounting/Finance  education: I received my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Auburn University at Montgomery where I am now...
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