2019 Prom Dress Trends

Prom is right around the corner- have you been able to find the perfect dress? Here are the top trends...

Networking for Teens

Networking—you’ve probably heard of it, but have you ever done it? It plays a vital role in helping you make...

Mental Health in the Classroom

BY: Sean J. Stevens, Education Administrator and Wanda T. Langley, Education Specialist Mental health awareness remains one of the top...

Eat Together, Eat Better

According to a recent survey, only 30% of American families report eating at least three meals together in a week,...

Dangers of Vaping

Theoretically, as humans we are supposed to learn from our mistakes and pass our wisdom down to our kids and...

How To Stay Productive

We get it—it feels like teachers are determined to make sure you have no time for fun after school. Your...

ATV Safety

We won’t deny it- All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are fun. You’ve probably taken a ride on an ATV at some point,...
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