Checklist for Adulthood

Adulthood checklist

Here are some things all high school students can start mastering now to feel more confident in the big move to college. P.S. Don’t worry— everyone calls their mom and dad for help when they first move out!

Know how to wash, fold, and iron your laundry. If you’ve never been responsible for your own laundry, start practicing now while you still have mom and dad to show you the ropes of adulthood! Hang your clothes up as soon as they come out of the dryer so they don’t wrinkle.

Learn how to cook. We don’t mean learn how to cook a frozen pizza— look up different recipes and try to cook a few healthier options. Fast food is way more convenient, but believe it or not, pretty soon you’ll be longing for a nice homemade meal…and maybe even leftovers!

Learn to balance. Entering adulthood, it’s important to know how to pay bills and how to balance your account regularly. It takes a lot of discipline, but you don’t want to end up paying overdraft fees! Need some cash but don’t want to pay the ATM fee? You can buy a pack of gum and get cashback at the grocery store!

Make your own appointments. Calling to make a doctor’s appointment or scheduling an oil change can be a source of unexplainable stress— we know. The best way to get more comfortable with it is to just make yourself do it.

Wake yourself up. You can tell us— is Mom still waking you up every morning? We get it. Mornings are hard and Mom is a dependable alarm, but no one will make sure you are up for work or school once you graduate except for you!

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