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Learning Styles

Take this quick quiz and find out what type of learner you are!

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I learn best when I… 

  1. hear someone tell me how to do something.
  2. watch someone show me how to do something.
  3. try to do something on my own.

 When studying, I’m most easily distracted by… 

  1. people talking loudly.
  2. movement around me.
  3. an uncomfortable study area.

 When trying to solve a test question, I… 

  1. talk myself through the problem in my head.
  2. draw diagrams and write down key information.
  3. use objects or move around to think.

 When giving someone directions, I… 

  1. tell them the names of streets they’ll make turns on.
  2. give them a description of landmarks they’ll pass
  3. suggest that they just follow me to the destination.

 When reading a book, I’m most interested in… 

  1. dialog and conversations between characters.
  2. descriptive scenes and strong imagery.
  3. intense action scenes.

 Mostly A: Auditory 

Mostly B: Visual 

Mostly C: Tactile 


An auditory learner thrives on sound and spoken instruction. Therefore, this type of learner should study with the aid of sound and speech. One way auditory learners can study is by way of flashcards; reviewing and reading each card out loud will help commit the information to memory. If permitted, try recording your lectures or test review sessions. Auditory learners often benefit greatly from study groups­­—talking and hearing others talk about test material is a great way to process information.  

TIP: Try listening to classical music while studying—it is scientifically proven to help you focus and more easily recall information!  


Visual learners learn best by seeing. This type of learner should study with visual aids and diagrams. If you’re a visual learner, take good notes! Writing things down will help you recall the information when it’s testing time. Make good use of diagrams and charts in your notes, and be sure to highlight key points in bright colors. Visual learners can benefit from color coding notes- highlighting certain information in certain colors can aid in recalling test material. When reading or listening to a lecture, try to visualize things you hear.  

TIP: Visual learners study best when they are alone in a clean, organized space. Time to clean your room! 


If you prefer to learn with a hands-on approach, you are probably a tactile learner. This type of learner learns best by doing. Try walking around while reading notes or reciting information. Holding something in your hand, such as an eraser or small stone, can help you focus and recall information more effectively. Small movements such as shaking your foot or tapping your pencil (quietly) can also increase your focus. Most tactile learners can also be categorized as either visual or auditory learners. 

TIP: Chew gum while studying. Then, when it’s testing time, chew the same flavor of gum- you may be able to remember the information more clearly!  


Source: www.educationplanner.org 

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