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Sample Questions to Ask at a College Fair

Here's a list of basic questions to ask at a college fair!

Admissions & Costs 

  • What are your admission requirements? Minimum ACT scores 
  • What is your enrollment? 
  • What scores for AP tests do you accept? 
  • What are your application deadlines? 
  • What is the total cost of attendance for 1 year (tuition, room & board, fees, books, misc.) 
  • Is there a required meal plan? 
  • How is financial aid eligibility determined? 
  • What percentage of financial need do you meet for families?  
  • Are there any merit scholarships available?  Is a separate application required for these? 
  • What is the makeup of your student body?  (male/female ratio, racial/ethnic makeup, geographic diversity) 


  • When must I choose a major? 
  • Are their specific application requirements for my major? 
  • Will I have a faculty advisor? 
  • Are there any special placement tests that entering freshman can/must take to place into or out of certain courses? 
  • Do you have an honors program?  What are the requirements? 

 Campus Life 

  • Is housing guaranteed for all four years? 
  • Are freshman required to live on campus? 
  • How are roommates selected? 
  • Is your school a “suitcase” school? 
  • How many students are involved in Greek fraternities & sororities? 
  • What is there to do on the weekends? 
  • What is your campus safety like? 
  • What is the biggest complaint of students? 
  • What do students say is the best thing about your school? 
  • What is the political climate of campus? 
  • Do students get involved in intramural athletics?  Clubs and student organizations? 
  • Do the students support the athletes? 
  • What type of academic support is available on campus?  Is this available to everyone free of charge?  (Tutoring, Writing Centers, etc.) 
  • If I am a varsity athlete, what is the balance between athletics and academics? 
  • What are the dining options?  How late are the dining facilities open? 
  •  Do many students hold jobs in addition to attending school? 
  • Are students permitted to have cars on campus? 
  • Is a car necessary to get around? 
  • Is there public transportation close to your school? 
  • Do you have study abroad options? 

Job Opportunities – before & after graduation 

  • Do students have the opportunity to do research or obtain internships? 
  • What is your retention rate? 
  • What is your graduation rate? 
  • What percentage of students who graduate go directly on to graduate school?  


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