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Summer Experience and Opportunity!

summer experience

The College of Agriculture, Environmental, and Natural Sciences (CAENS) at Tuskegee University offers a number of summer programs that benefit high school and incoming college students wishing to broaden their experience in their planned field of study and future careers.

Research Enrichment Kamp

The Forestry and Natural Resources Summer Program is just one example of the many programs that are being offered this summer at Tuskegee. The Forestry & Natural Resources Tuskegee Research Enrichment Kamp (FNR-TREK) Summer Institute is "Developing the Next Generation of Natural Resource Stewards." The two-week long summer program experience is for high school students who wish to focus on forestry and natural resources at Tuskegee University. The FNR-TREK Summer Institute will be held on June 5-19, 2021.

Through fun tactical learning and experiencing nature, participants receive a window of opportunity to further understand the importance of professionals in natural resource sciences, including forestry, wildlife, fisheries, and aquatics. FNR-TREK is designed to train participants in activities associated with forestry protection, management, and viable use of ecosystems in a fun and engaging environment for students who are chosen to participate.

Day Camp

Another program open to high school students is the Forestry & Natural Resources (FNR) Day Camp. This nine-day summer adventure focuses on training underrepresented minority youth through team building and experiential learning to become more aware of fields that will impact natural resource conservation, such as forestry. As the students take part in academic and healthy, fun outdoor exploration experiences, they will understand more career opportunities and possibilities in fields needed to meet natural resource conservation challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

Two-Day Workshop

The final program is a two-day workshop where K-12 educators can also take part in the FNR Day Camp. Our teachers are a critical part of educating our students, therefore through training, they will be introduced to forests, ecology, and natural systems and other areas as well as how to use public lands for outdoor classrooms. This allows educators to perform various activities that can be done in the classroom and in the forest to engage students in applying action plans to make communities greener through conservation and restoration of natural resources.

Building Stewardship & Sustainability

For decades, Tuskegee University College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences has been committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability. With this in mind, TU launched three summer programs in 2016, for students interested in forestry, natural resources, and related STEM areas. The program creates an awareness of the educational and career opportunities that are available in Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Mathematics and related areas through hands-on research, leadership development and personal enrichment activities with an emphasis on climate change and sustainability.

For more information, please contact Dr. Olga Bolden-Tiller, Program Director, 334-727-8403,
or Ms. Tiffani Williams, Program Assistant, (334) 727-8453,

We are currently updating our offerings for the summer with an overview of the types of programs and subject matter offered, as well as the general program dates and deadlines. As details about our summer programs are finalized, they will be posted here, with the goal of having all programs listed by the end of March

Submitted by Jacquelyn Carlisle, Writer, College of Agriculture, Environmental, and Natural Sciences (CAENS)

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