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When to Take the ACT/SAT

The answer to “when should I take the ACT/ SAT” remains the same: sometime during junior year. Here’s why:  Complete...

Want to Study Abroad?

By: Racheal Lunn Foster Studying abroad is an option that most colleges offer in order for you to experience a...

Avoid the 6-Year Plan

Did you know?  Only 19% of full-time college students at public universities graduate in 4 years.  Only 36% of full-time...
Test Prep

Taming Test Anxiety

The fear of academic testing itself, this debilitating issue often causes a significant decrease in testing scores, regardless of the...
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Money Talks

Test prep courses typically range from $70 to nearly $3,000. These courses can benefit teens on all academic levels whether...
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AP Exams

Is AP for Me?

Compared to non-AP students, AP students who scored a 3 or above on the AP exam showed:  Higher college retention...
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