Fast Track to ACT Success

It’s no secret: Colleges and scholarship boards often base admissions and awards decisions largely on standardized test scores. Therefore, it's...

When to Take the ACT/SAT

The answer to “when should I take the ACT/ SAT” remains the same: sometime during junior year. Here’s why:  Complete...

Get Ready to Go

Here’s what your child should be doing now:  8TH GRADE  List five careers that interest you Start job shadowing people...
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Test Prep

Learning Styles

I learn best when I...  hear someone tell me how to do something. watch someone show me how to do...
Test Prep

Taming Test Anxiety

The fear of academic testing itself, this debilitating issue often causes a significant decrease in testing scores, regardless of the...
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Money Talks

Test prep courses typically range from $70 to nearly $3,000. These courses can benefit teens on all academic levels whether...
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AP Exams

Is AP for Me?

Compared to non-AP students, AP students who scored a 3 or above on the AP exam showed:  Higher college retention...
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