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Ditch Diet Disasters

Let’s review how to steer clear of these “diet disasters” from a dietitian’s perspective. People are more confused than ever...

Mental Health in the Classroom

BY: Sean J. Stevens, Education Administrator and Wanda T. Langley, Education Specialist Mental health awareness remains one of the top...

Eat Together, Eat Better

According to a recent survey, only 30% of American families report eating at least three meals together in a week,...
Dangers of Vaping

Dangers of Vaping

Theoretically, as humans we are supposed to learn from our mistakes and pass our wisdom down to our kids and...

Teens and Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are beneficial when used appropriately to treat illness or relieve pain; however, using these drugs inappropriately is extremely...
Summer background with hat flip flops sunscreen and sunglasses near the swimming pool

Skin Safety

Warm weather can create a longing to be outside and catch some rays, but for your skin safety it is...

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, or modern day slavery by force or coercion for labor or sex, is the fastest growing criminal industry...
Smiling woman looking away while waiting at bus stop

Teen Hearing Loss

“Hearing loss in children has become a serious problem,” said Heather Baty, audiologist at Children’s of Alabama. “It is critical...
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