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Teen Spotlight: Cannon Curlee

Cannon Curlee


16, Tallassee High School


  • National Honor Society
  • FFA President
  • E-Team President
  • Leo-Club President
  • Key Club President


“Be you! Be unique! Do not act or become someone else because of another person.”

Her Story

Cannon’s favorite thing about attending Tallassee High School is the school spirit everyone has and how everyone goes and supports each other at events for their clubs and sports. Cannon is in all AP classes and is involved in many extracurriculars including the floriculture team in FFA which took third place in the state this year and earned the team its first state banner in THS history. Her advice to people entering high school is, “High school will give you lessons that will help you all throughout life. Cherish all of the ups and downs for they shape you into who you will become. And most importantly, have fun and don’t stress too much.”

What’s Next

Cannon wants to become an Agricultural Lawyer and wants to educate people about the job.

Parental Guidance (PG) Rating

Cannon said that he is proud of the two mottoes that her family lives by, which are, love everyone and treat others as you would want to be treated and “can’t never could”. She also shares that the most inspirational people in her life are her grandparents, Linda and William Curlee because “They always have a smile on their faces and that passes on to others. They have always taught me to love others and always be nice, and to be the reason why another has a smile on their face."

Parents’ Perspective

Cannon’s parents shared, “Cannon’s acceptance of others is what makes her different or unique from others her age (and most adults). She has always exhibited a natural acceptance for the fact not everyone thinks how she thinks, believes what she believes, and feels how she feels. While she may give voice to her thoughts and beliefs, she does it respectfully and allows others to freely voice their own thoughts and beliefs. She never judges or criticizes anyone for having a different opinion or belief.”

Parent to Parent

Megan Turner advises other parents to, “Help their child reach his/her potential is to always encourage them and never use the word “can't". Encourage your child to go after their goes and dreams, no matter how small or big they may seem to you. Most importantly, never tell your child they can't obtain a goal or dream they may have.  Encourage them! Cheer for them!”

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