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What I Know Now: Lauren Prevatte

Now the lead photographer for her own business, Milly Photography, Lauren Prevatte attended Coastal Alabama Community college with a degree in graphic design.

Lead photographer/ Business owner

age: 26

hometown: Prattville, AL

noteworthy: I have a 3 year old daughter, Evvie June.

career: I am the lead photographer for my business, Milly Photography. I photograph primarily weddings and engagements. My favorite thing about my career is meeting new people and being confident that I am fulfilling my purpose that God led me to do. In the future, I see myself photographing weddings around the world and pursuing more education.

education: I attended college at Coastal Alabama Community College and graduated in 2014. I attended school for Graphic Design on a photography scholarship. I was the Student Photographer and photographed events at the school. I am now contracted with the school to photograph all their important events which is super cool! I learned a lot in college being able to photograph the events. In my free time, I was able to develop my own business and start booking clients. I started using my knowledge from my graphic design degree to create a business.

growing up: I wanted to be a veterinarian forever and then realized that you had to pass chemistry to be able to do that, haha!

secret to success: Definitely my family and friends. They have always been honest about how I handle business situations and believe in me when I don’t.

parental impact: My parents (Lisa and Allen Hughes) taught me values such as integrity, accountability, and responsibility. They also inspired me to have a strong work ethic. Their instruction and example have taught me to give 100% at everything I do. Also, that it is very important to set my goals personally to a high standard.

other influences: My husband and friends. They have supported me since day one of starting this business.

advice for teens: Unashamedly be yourself, and love your people so hard, and no matter what, God loves you so much.

looking back: I wish I would have invested in more education in photography, I taught myself almost everything, and I feel like I could’ve gotten where I am now a little quicker if I would have known about the education resources out there.

interesting facts: I love editing in coffee shops, but I hate coffee. You’ll typically catch me with a vanilla chai latte with oat milk. I did gymnastics for a long time and have coached gymnastics for 10 years. I am a wedding photographer and shot my first wedding in 2012 without ever being to a wedding before in my life.

can’t live without: Camera, baggy shirts, and breakfast

Top 5:

  1. Traveling with my family/friends
  2. Trying restaurants I have never been to
  3. Learning my Enneagram Personality
  4. Church at Church of the Highlands
  5. Nights in with my family

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